Patricia Bustos Studio was born with the intention of creating new and different things, always seeking for creativity and beauty in design.

“It is through the search for that beauty that we shape our homes, it also improves the human experience and puts us in a good mood”.

The Studio carries out interior design projects for private houses, hotels, restaurants, offices and shops. They publish their projects in the most prestigious interior magazines and have been the 1st CasaDecor2018 Award for “Best Space” and “Most Photographed Space”.

Patricia Bustos Studio’s aesthetic proposal is always exciting, bright and avant-garde inspired by bygone eras but looking to the future. The Milanese avant-garde, mid-century modern, the crazy sixties or the Memphis style of Sottsass are some references in their projects. Colorful imprint and an unmistakable sophisticated, fresh and feminine seal are the signature of the house.

Patricia Bustos Studio has recently launched ROBUSTOS, a sofa and furniture collection honoring the crafts of Spain with the reinterpretation of traditional Spanish furniture. Its three lines: Roots, Rattansy and Brass play with geometries and shapes such as conical legs or spheres in natural, powerful and Spanish materials, giving them a modern twist to make them fun and naif but with the elegance of Spanish history.

ROBUSTOS furniture is suitable for every environment: private homes, retail spaces, hotels and more. The design is the combination of feminine talent and sophisticated artisan skills, making the line between furniture or sculpture diffuse and left to individual interpretation.